"This post card with the Afton postmark is from my own collection."

"I first ran into the photo on this postcard on the Boyd County site. I thought it was a coincidence that I later found a whole one among Chet's stuff."

The postcard reads (as best I can make it out) in the upper left: "Photo by Salyers." Lower and more in the middle I find: "Ben Nicholson, Constable, Boyd" then "Ashland, KY 185_".



Submitted by Joel Carter


Site coordinator (John Grace ) comment:

The writing is a little difficult, but it seems to say "Well Earl, how is you?"...."goats your Uncle(?) Jim said he would get you a pair like them"...."as mother and all the rest. Jim is having a great time and John came home"..."Oscar"

I have been unable to positively identify which Earl Tackett this post card is addressed to:

Robert Winston Tackett and Louise (Fisher) Tackett had a son named Earl.

Charles Tackett and Glora Belle (Kirby) Tackett also had a son named Earl. Earl was born 13 February 1915 and died on 27 April 1986.

Preston Tackett and Della (Sturgill) Tackett also had a son named Earl.

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