This is the front and rear of a postcard that was found among some photos and letters that I received belatedly from the estate of Chester "Chet" Tackett. You'll see that it has never been posted. It is addressed to "Saide". I'm sure that this refers to Sarah Elizabeth Carter, whom I've called "Sade." I cannot say whose spelling is correct. Notice the phonetic spelling of "message." Sarah was the mother of Chester, James T., and Earl Tackett through her marriage to Steven Tackett. According to my sources Steven was born in 1880 and was the son of John Tackett and Mary Stevins/Stevens(?) Steven died in 1910 and James in 1926. Both are buried in the Carter Cemetery on Carter Branch, just off Lower Stinson.

Undoubtedly there's some sort of joke implied here but I have no idea what it was. I can place no "G.M.M". John Carter was Sarah's youngest brother.

The Earl Tackett mentioned here may be the same Earl Tackett to whom that the other postcard was addressed. The date on the Earl Tackett card was 1914. Earl, born, in 1908, would only have been 6 years old but the message may be read as seeming appropriate for a child.

I'm hoping we'll find some connections on the Tackett family.

Submitted by Joel Carter

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