Roberts letter

This is a transcribed letter my maternal uncle, Robert "Bob" Roberts, sent to my grandmother, Sadie Belle (Forrest) Roberts; my mother, Donna (Roberts) Carter; and my sister, Rebecca Carter (now Kratzenberg); around 1986. At that time my grandmother, mother, and sister lived together.

I'm not sure that this is totally original, but he did indeed send it as a letter to my folks.

Bob lived the latter part of his life in the vicinity of Spokane, Washington. He writes from his home there.

He mentions Honaker Flat, Happy Hollow, the Fultz store, and the house where my mother "lived for a time." He also mentions Cliffdale School. Honaker Flat and Cliffdale School are in the vicinity of Iron Hill in Carter County. Cliffdale School was on Rockhouse Road and near the Forrest place, in an area once known as Deevert, where my grandmother Sadie was born. Happy Hollow connects with Rockhouse Road and Everman Creek. The Fultz store was/is a well known landmark to those who lived at Fultz. The "house where my mother lived" was also at Fultz and was very near the railroad. The "cliffs along Tygart" refer to the area of Rockhouse Road/Deevert and Honaker Flat.

Bob died around 1987, and my grandmother died in 1988, at the age of 101 years.

Submitted by: Joel Carter

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