The Genealogy by Genetics Video available from Family Tree DNA is an excellent educational tool.

The video can be downloaded and then be played on your computer. The "Genealogy by Genetics" video is a series of interviews with several Family Tree DNA customers, and is an excellent educational tool to learn more about Genetic Genealogy.

It is recommended that those interested in starting a Surname Project view the video. Through the interviews you will
learn how others have utilized DNA testing for Genealogy, and what they discovered.

The on-line video is presented in two versions: a dial-up version for those who are connected through a 56k 

modem, or a broadband version for those with a faster DSL or Cable connection. The video is in 4 parts, due to the file size.

If you do not have a viewer on your computer, there are links on the web page to get a free viewer.

To see the Genealogy by Genetics video:
Once you have seen the video, if you would like a VHS copy of the tape to show at family reunions, Genealogical Societies, Family 
History Centers and Family Association gatherings, you can order one at no charge at the following link:
Group administrators can copy the video for their participants and potential participants. 

For those who are interested in starting a surname project, and do not have a 56k modem or broadband access,
use the link above to order a copy of the video.