Lawton Limestone Quarry, Lawton, KY

John Amburgey

Howard Archer
Otha Binion
Rod Brewster
Sol Brown
Earl Bellew
Bill Boggs
Henry Brown
Clifford Brown
Isaac Binion
Harlan Binion
Herman Binion
Frank Binion
John Brown
Marion Callahan
Richard Clemons
Cleve Caudill
Ray Callahan
George Clay
William (Bill) Cheeks
Roscoe Cline
Allie Carpenter
Ellis Carpenter
Jess Collins
George Cline
Leonard Cox
Harrison Creech
Morton Clark
Delmar Cline
Bert T. Dean
Chester Flannery
Arvil Gearhart
Golden Gearhart
Bethel Gearhart
Melvin Fielding
Marion Henderson
Watt Hillman
Milton Haywood
George Hanshaw
John Hanshaw
Arvil Hanshaw
Wes Ingram
John Lowe
W. May
Charles May
Lan Osborn
Ed Osborn
Ebb Parrish
Jack Patton
Harold Porter
George Porter
Corb Stevens
Everett Sparks
Jess Sparks
Thomas Snipes
William Snipes
Roy Tackett Wilbur Tackett Clayton Underwood Charles Waggoner Earl Callahan Sam Stone

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