Top 10 reasons for sharing your research on the Carter County Genealogy web site:

1. It's good karma to repay the help you received over the years. It's the right thing to do.
2. Your well-researched information will reduce the chance that mis-information will be spread
3. Genealogical research is never finished. Sharing encourages others to share with you
4. Widely shared research has a better chance of being preserved into the future. The possibilty of immortality is in your hands.
5. Research on the internet won't be lost in a fire, flood or PC disaster. How many copies of your research have you made?
6. You have control over what you choose to share.
7. Everyone makes errors in recording their research. Let other researchers help you find yours.
8. If we all share, then the work will be less for each of us, and the gains will be faster and greater. "So much research to do, so little time."
9. More info on line encourages casual browsers to become active researchers. More researchers helps us all.
10. Think of the possibilty of extending your family through the contacts you will generate. "You can't have too much family"!

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