"1755 Lewis Evans Map"

In the center of this subsection of the map is the Big Sandy River with "Tatteroy Cr." written above it

Under the "Ohio R." designation, note the "War Path" label, apparently referring to the thin line to the east of the Big Sandy River

and above the "Oasioto Mountains" (Appalachian Mtns.) the criptic notation
"A vein of mountains about 30 or 40 miles across, through which there is not yet any occipied path in these parts"
An opinion that only held true for the frontiersmen of this era.

Note the "Shawne T." near the Kanhawa River, and "Lower Shawne T."just to the west of the Scioto River

The "L. Totteroy" is the Little Sandy River

Directly south of the confluence of the Scioto and the Ohio Rivers is a line designated as
"The common path to the Cuttawa country". Interestingly, this is almost exactly the point where Tygarts Creek joins the Ohio River!

To the west, "Salt Creek" enters the Ohio at Vanceburg, Ky., and a trail is noted going to the southwest. The Warriors Path?!

The historic routing brought the Alanant-o-wamiowee trail from the Scioto River southwest along the Ohio River to Salt Creek at present day Vanceburg, Ky.
but there could have been an alternate routing up Tygarts Creek, then west along Triplett Creek to the Licking River and south on the Warriors Path.