1774 Samuel Dunn map

Note the "Siota River" in the upper right center of this subsection of the much larger full map.

The river to the southeast of the Scioto-Ohio River intersection appears to be labeled "Canawa",
Which means the Big Sandy, Little Sandy and Tygarts Creek are not noted.
Alternatively, that could be the Big Sandy River being mis-labeled. The configuation of the upper
reaches of the "Canawa" is similar to the Big Sandy River, and the Big Sandy River is a much more significant waterway..

"Sable Creek", to the southwest of the Scioto River appears to be the location of the Kinniconick Creek,
although it could also be Salt Lick Creek joining the Ohio River at present day Vanceburg, Ky.

Relative to Lake Erie, this map has the entire Ohio River basin shifted nearly 100 miles to the west of its actual location

Also notable is the designation of southern Ohio as a "Delaware" area.