1961 Shell Roadmap

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Old Route 60 was not an easy way to get anywhere in 1961.

Note that Route 986 out of Olive Hill to the south is not on the map.
Apparently that road had not been extended to intersect with SR 7 between Grayson and Sandy Hook.

SR 182 south out of Grahn (Aden Road) was not yet paved, and its continuation into Gimlet is but a dream.

Route 7/1 north out of Grayson was re-aligned when Interstate 64 was opened in 1968. Route 7 south ut of Grayson actually went through Leon.

There is no mention of a paved road east and north out of Denton toward Rush. The present road uses the old C&O railbed for a part of the way.
Also, there is no extension of Route 773 east and then north out of Hitchins to Grayson. All of this route uses abandoned railbed (C&O and East Ky RR).

Route 1149 between Carter City and Vanceburg is not yet designated and the road is not paved.

Portions of the road between Cannonsburg and US Route 23 south of Cattletsburg make still exist, running parallel with Interstate 64.

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