The Scioto County segments of the Ohio and Erie Canal

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Lying in the Scioto Valley, the Ohio and Erie Canal enters the Ohio River at Portsmouth.
In fact the canal never made it to Portsmouth. It actually entered the Scioto River from the west side (Portsmouth is on the east side).
Plagued by repeated flooding and shoaling the canal terminus was a constant problem.
Late in the life of the canal (1887) a new outlet entered directly into the Ohio River.

Source: Canal Society of Ohio

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This first group of maps is formated as found on the Ohio DNR website. Each page contains contiguous canal map
segments for a portion of the canal system.

These maps are of interest to Carter County, Kentucky researchers of Native American history because
the Native Americans who hunted and settled in the Carter County - Eastern Kentucky region were,
in the time immediately preceding European/American contact, frequently members of tribal confederations inhabiting
Central Ohio (generally the Chillicothe area). The Scioto valley was the principle thoroughfare between
what is today Eastern Kentucky and Central Ohio.

The images below are a series of maps representing the engineering features of the canal, north to south.
They also, not incidentally, show the natural geographic and developed features of this area when the maps were created..

For those familiar with south-central Ohio, Rt 104 between Portmouth and Chillicothe, Ohio generally
conforms to the path of the canal. There are a few remnant artifacts related to the canal to be found along the roadway.

I would like to eventually key these maps with locations along the current Rt 104 roadway.
It would add a little interest to the drive through the area. It really is quite pretty in mid summer. We'll see.

An article on the history of the Ohio and Erie Canal

Canal Maps in the original DNR format

First map segments begin at the Pike Countyline

Second map segments

Third map segments

Fourth map segments

Fifth map segments

Sixth map segments

Seventh map segments

Eighth map segments

The Ohio canal segments in Scioto County

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A corresponding 1875 map of the Scioto River & canal

Because of the map scale difference, multiple copies of it are displayed

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Mileage markers 1748 - 1783

Mileage markers 1783 - 1820

Mileage markers 1820 - 1856

Mileage markers 1856 - 1878

Mileage markers 1878 - 1897

Mileage markers 1897 - 1936

Mileage markers 1936 - 1972

Mileage markers 1972 - 2005

Mileage markers 2005 - 2026

Mileage markers 2026 - 2043

Mileage markers 2043 - 2079

Mileage markers 2079 - 2115

Mileage markers 2115 - 2120

Mileage markers 2150 - 2184

Mileage markers 2184 - 2223

Mileage markers 2223 - 2239 (Brush Creek)

Mileage markers 1 - 29 (Brush Creek)

Mileage markers 29 - 51

Mileage markers 50 - 84

Mileage markers 90 - 127

Mileage markers 125 - 161

Mileage markers 162 - 193

Rush Twp - Washington Twp
Mileage markers 195 - 226

Mileage markers 2465 - 2501

Mileage markers 2502 - 2540

Mileage markers 2540 - 2562

Mileage markers 2562 - 2592

Mileage markers 2592 - 2603

Mileage markers 2603 - 2618

Mileage markers 2618 - 2631

Mileage markers 2632 - 2646

Mileage markers 2651 - 2660

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Mileage markers 54 - 67