Abstracted Marriage Records

A new project, this is where I intend to list marriage records that have been extracted from the original source records. To view an abstraction, simply click on that marriage's row in the table below.

BALLARD, Clinton DEFOE, Sarah E. 12-19-1899
BRANHAM, Turner EVANS, Annie 9-19-1885
CAIN, James DEFOE, Grace 2-27-1894
CAMPBELL, Delmer SPARKS, Gracie 8-16-1929
CLAY, Allen SHEPARD, Sophie 8-21-1928
CLAY, James MULLINS, Eliza Jane 12-26-1917
CLINE, Sherman JOHNSON, Agnes 7-4-1928
DEFOE, Elijah CRAGER, Rena 9-29-1898
DEFOE, George HANEY, Lizzie 5-1-1907
DEFOE, Jack CASEY, Ella 10-13-1900
DEFOE, John M. TWINAM, Ethel 6-28-1902
DEFOE, Thomas HANEY, Mary J. 12-25-1898
FRALEY, Dennis CAINS, Ella 2-26-1917
HALL, A. D. HARRIS, Mary 11-14-1910
HARRIS, Nathan KISER, Carrie 10-11-1921
HAYWOOD, Isom BIRCHFIELD, Mary 10-6-1910
HURLEY, Millard CHEEKS, Dona 8-2-1920
KISER, George W. ERWIN, Martha E. 10-18-1896
LAYNE, Vasco HURLEY, Nannie 5-14-1925
LORE, Jack PARKER, Mirtie 11-17-1908
LORE, James ARMS, Mary E. 9-14-1887
RIFFE, John B. WILSON, L. Demia 5-1-1883
ROBINSON, Albert KERN, Minnie 8-10-1917
SEXTON, Frank PRINCE, Ethel Lee 5-27-1922
SEXTON, James ALEXANDER, Samantha 12-23-1891
SEXTON, Joe CAINS, Anna 10-2-1919
SEXTON, Lonzo DOWDY, Eliza 12-25-1912
SEXTON, Thomas Warren LUCAS, Martha 10-9-1923

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