Francis Elmira Hall vs. Alfred Hall 1905 and 1932 Divorce Cases

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In these documents Alfred Hall lists his business dealings and names a lot of Olive Hill people.
The divorce did not go through until 1932.

Alfred Hall ended up moving to Rainier, Oregon in 1909 with his 20 year younger mistress Amanda Egan
and their 3 year old illegitimate daughter Sarah Hall.

Alfred Hall moved back to Olive Hill in the fall of 1925 to once again live with his wife Frances Hall,
a year after his daughter Sarah died in Rainier, Oregon a week before her High School graduation.

Alfred Hallís mistress Amanda Egan left him for their live-in business partner, W. P. Brickey.

After a short time, Frances Hall could not stand living with Alfred, so she moved out, and he filed for divorce in 1932.

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1905 Divorce Documents

Documents mention H. L. Woods; A. M. Johnson, Arthur Hall, Robert Bentley, Bee Caudill, Jerry Hall, John Jamason,
J. H. Fults, Ed Newman, Van Ross, Ben Cline, Frank Collins, G. W. Duncan, Frank Ward, Willie Jarvis, Bill Blankenship,
Boge Ross, Bill Holbrooks, Morgan Griffin, Harve Collins, Robert Galaher, Mike Collins, John Jones, Bettie Tabor, Willie Bond,
Rat Collins, James Gifford, Adam Boggs, J. H. Jones, James Kiser, Dock Boggs, Mose Wells, William Sparks, Edy Jones, Mose Wells,
Buck Collins, George Bocook, Jasper Wells, Lewis White, A. B. Wells, Charles Tackett, Bobb Ross, Wash Ray, Tom Powell, Allard Hall,
...and many, many more.

1932 Divorce Documents

Documents mention Ben F. Thompson, Frank R. Fults, Seble Hall, John W. Bailey, Hattie Hall, V. K. Williams

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