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Clay, Allen - Shepard, Sophie

Submitted by: Linda Cheeks Pittano
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  1. Name of Groom …  Allen Clay
  2. Residence of Groom …  Rush, KY
  3. Age of Groom …  29
  4. Number of Marriage of Groom …  single
  5. Occupation …  Farmer
  6. Birthplace of Groom …  Boyd Co., KY
  7. Name and Birthplace of Groom’s Father …  Mont. Clay
  8. Name and Birthplace of Groom’s Mother …  Nancy Stanley Clay



  1. Name of Bride …  Sophie Shepard
  2. Residence of Bride …  Rush, KY
  3. Age of Bride …  21
  4. Number of Marriage of Bride …  single
  5. Birthplace of Bride …  Lawrence Co., KY
  6. Name and Birthplace of Bride’s Father …  James Shepard
  7. Name and Birthplace of Bride’s Mother …  Hannah Likins


To be married at Grayson on the 21st day of August 1928.


I CERTIFY that the above is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Witness my hand, this 21st day of August 1928

(signed) Allen Clay, Principal

                Ben Burton, Surety



(signed) M. Mabry,    Clerk


By   (signed) Ella Jarvis   D. C.





This is to Certify, That on the 21st day of August 1928 The RITES OF MARRIAGE were legally solemnized by me between Allen Clay AND Sophie Shepard   at Grayson in the County of Carter in the presence of Thomas Jarvis and Ben Gee



M. H. Thomas, Minister




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