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The 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry was organized at Peach Orchard, Kentucky, under Colonel John Dils, and was mustered into the United States service February 16th, 1863, by Captain W. B. Royall, United States Mustering Officer. This command was raised entirely in the Sandy Valley and the counties adjoining, and being thoroughly acquainted with the country, was stationed in that section of the State for its protection against the frequent incursions of the Rebels from Virginia.

In April 1863, the regiment had a fight near Pikeville, Kentucky, and captured Colonel French and his command, and in June engaged the enemy again at Pond Creek, some thirty miles from Pikeville. The regiment being divided, a portion of it proceeded with other troops to Gladeville, Virginia, and succeeded in capturing Colonel Caudill and his command, who were brought back as prisoners of war.

Through the constant and vigilant service of this regiment, the east portion of Kentucky remained uninterrupted from any invasion of rebels for many months.

The regiment participated in many battles and skirmishes, in which loss was sustained, among which the following are mentioned, viz:

Johnson County boat fight, December 4th, 1862
Beaver Creek, Floyd County, June 27th, 1863
Clark's Neck, Lawrence County, August 27th, 1863
Marrowbone, Pike County, September 22nd, 1863
Paintsville, Johnson County, April 13th, 1864
Half Mount, Magoffin County, April 14th, 1864
Pond Creek, Pike County, May 16th, 1864
Mount Sterling, Kentucky, June 9th, 1864
Cynthiana, Kentucky, June 12th, 1864
Saltville, Virginia, October 2d, 1864

The regiment was mustered out September 15th, at Louisville, Kentucky.


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