Darvin Sturgill

Darvin Sturgill, born and raised in Carter County, Kentucky, recorded some of the sweetest,
most authentic Bluegrass music that you're likely to hear anywhere. Darvin passed away in 2007, but his beloved wife of 51 years,
Alma (McGinnis) Sturgill continues to operate their music store in Olive Hill.

We hope you enjoy these sample tracks from Darvin's CD's, and that you will consider purchasing them.
You will be assured of a lifetime of listening enjoyment.

So play some of these tracks, lean back, and let your imagination take you on a stroll through the green hills of Eastern Kentucky.
This is American traditional music at its very best.

"Darvin Sturgill & Willow Creek" (CD)

1. Get On Board (Sandy Knipp) (sample)

2. He Was Only Thirty Three (Bill Castle, Darvin Sturgill) (sample)

3. A Praying Place (Bill Castle) (sample)

4. Let me Fly Low (Dixie Hall) (sample)

5. He Brought Me In (arrg. Darvin Sturgill) (sample)

6. Pauls Ministry (arrg. Darvin Sturgill) (sample)

7. My Mother Prays (One Wheeler) (sample)

8. Mother Gone But Not Forgotten (arrg. Darvin Sturgill) (sample)

9. Model Church (Arrg. Darvin Sturgill) (sample)

10. Power In The Blood (arrg. By Band) (sample)

Josh Murry - Banjo & Vocal
Scott Napier - Mandolin & Vocal
Matthew Madden - Bass & Vocal
Mark Sparks - Guitar & Vocal

"Bluegrass - Don't Cut it, Pick It!" (tape)

1. Will There Be A Rainbow Tomorrow

2. Gathering Flowers From the Hillside

3. I'll Never Do Better Than You (sample)

4. I Heard My Mother Weeping (sample)

5. Shuffle of My Feet

6. Long Black Veil

7. May You Never Be Alone (sample)

8. Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me

9. I Thought I heard You Calling My Name

10. Kentucky I'm Coming Home

11. Beyond a Doubt

12. Rank Stranger (sample)

Chris Davis - Mandolin, Tenor Vocal
Larry Fraley - Guitar, Baritone Vocal
Mathew Madden - Bass
Dick Roach - Banjo
Darvin Sturgill - Vocal

"Darvin Sturgill & Willow Creek" (tape)

1. The Harvest Is Great (Darvin Sturgill / Yonder Hills / BMI) (sample)

2. Church At Hickory Grove (Bill Castle / Jaymore Pub. / BMI)

3. Heaven (B & H McSpadden)

4. Matthew 24 (Lonnie Glossen)

5. Who Will Sing For Me (George Murdock / 1956 Cedarwood Pub.) (sample)

6. To My Mansion In The Sky (Unknown) (sample)

7. Hold fast To The Right (arr. by Darvin Sturgill)

8. I'm Ready To Fly (Bill Castle / Yonder Hills)

9. It Will Be Too Late (Darvin Sturgill) (sample)

10. Someday When He Calls For Me (Bill Cstle - Lester Williams / Yonder Hills / BMI)

11. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn (Carter Stanley - Ralph Stanley)

12. Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side (Carter Stanley)

Darvin Sturgill - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Chris Davis - Mandoline, Tenor & Baritone
Dick Roach - Banjo
Matthew Madden - Upright Bass
Larry Fraley - Guitar & Tenor
Albon Lee Clevenger - Mandolin
Rick May - Baritone

Sturgill's Music Store
Box 1298
Olive Hill, Ky. 41164

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