A "Light" Proposition
The Bugle-Herald
Grayson, Kentucky
Friday, September 2, 1904

 	"God said:  Let there be light and there was light," is not the proposition
on hand exactly.  But this time two young gentlemen of town are talking
light--electric light--and we shall see if "there be light."
	Wm. Ault, son of J. G. Ault, one of our prosperous merchants, and Wadd
Hubbard, son of Judge Hubbard the whole-souled landlord of the Grayson
hotel, are working up a plan to establish a light plant.  They have more
than half the stock of the concern subscribed, and prospects are very
bright for the plant.
	Mr. Ault has an offer of a fine outfit at a very low price, and, if we are
rightly informed, Grayson has an opportunity to get light that should
not be over looked.
	The shares are placed at $25.00 each, and it is thought that $2,000 will be
ample to complete the plant.
	These two boys are young, energetic and honest, and are well enough known to
be trusted, and no trust lodged to them will ever be betrayed.
	Let's have light.

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