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The Grayson Tribune
Thursday, May 21, 1903

	John Maggard was at Resort Tuesday.

	Squire W. L. Huff was in town yesterday.

	Col. Harvey Elam was in town yesterday.

	Bige King, of Catlettsburg, was here this week.

	The State College Cadets are in camp at Ashland.

	W. S. Harrison, of Ashland, was in town Monday.

	C. H. Compton, of Fleming, was in town Saturday.

	Fine Watch Repairing and Engraving at Bagbys.

	Stewart Vincent, of Soldier, was in town Saturday.

	Jack Stamper was over from Olive Hill, Monday.

	L. S. Williams was here from Rosedale yesterday.

	Capt. James G. Mobley, of E.K., was in town, Sunday.

	Perry Cales, of near Olive Hill, was in town Monday.

	Judge Waugh attended court at Vanceburg this week.

	Elder D.G. Combs is conducting a meeting at Oakgrove.

	Banjo, Guitar and Violin Strings at Bagby's, the Jeweler.

	Roy Irwin has accepted a position in the E. K. Shops.

	Born, Friday night, to the wife of Luke P. Clark, a girl.

	Luther Lusby has sold his restaurant to Harry Blaze.

	Col. John Wurts was in bloody Breathitt the past week.

	John Petry and wife visited relatives at Beechgrove Sunday.

	Ex-Priest Delaney is making the rounds of East Kentucky again.

	Owen McGlone, of Chicago, is visiting relatives in the county.

	Judge Woods is making some extensive repairs on his residence.

	Preparations are being made for Decorations Day by the local Post.

	W. D. Gee is moving into the new Main Street blacksmith shop.

	Flem Kitchen and wife, of Willard, were shopping town Monday.

	For Sale--A first class set of blacksmith tools.  Apply at this office.

	Deputy George Castle took French Stamper, a 'shiner' to Catlettsburg, Friday.

	Wilburn Hall, Jr., of Olive Hill was a business visitor in town Monday.

	Ben Ward and John Keffer have sold out their liquor business at Ashland.

	The drouth has ruined the strawberry crop.  Berries are selling at $4 per crate.

	The local assessment in Carter was accepted by he State Board of Equalization.

	A large crowd of striking steelworkers of Ashland are encamped near Simonton.

	The dedication of the Beechgrove Methodist Church as been postponed indefinitely.

	Prof. I. H. Boothe and Dr. Prichard, of Denton, were business visitors here

	When you want a pleasant physic try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They are easy to take and pleasant in effect.  For Sale by W. A. Horton.

	You can get machine needles and other machine supplies can be secured of R. M.

	G. W. Wilhoit and wife, of Olive Hill, were the guests of the family of Col.
Wilhoit, Sunday.

	Messrs. Kent Prichard, Jerome Duvall and Dr. Sparks, of Denton, were in town

	Attorneys, E. B. Wilhoit and S. M. Wylie, were in Ashland Monday on professional

	Jerry Elam, son of W. K. Elam, of Iron Hill, died of smallpox at Johnstown, Pa.,

	Mrs. Otho Pierce and daughter, of Louisa, are the guests of the family of W. C.

	Mrs. B.H. Rutledge attended the commencement exercises of the Greenup Normal
this week.

	Dr. J. W. Strother and wife were the guest of S. F. Easterling and wife, of near
Pactolus, Sunday.

	The Soldiers' Memorial Sermon will be preached next Sunday at Gee's Chapel on
Barrett's Creek.

	W. G. Foree was elected Department Commander at the State G. A. R. Encampment at

	Robert Blankenship and family were the guests of the family of Laf Blankenship
near Beechgrove Sunday.

	Secretary and Treasurer Townsend, of Boston, Mass., took a tour of inspection
over the E. K. Ry. Monday.

	One of the applicants for teachers' certificates now bemoans the loss of $10 he
paid for a set of last year's questions.

	County Judge Dysard and County Attorney Morris were in Catlettsburg yesterday
preparing and filing papers in the Jones railroad tax suit in Federal Court.

	Capt. Gibbs is surveying the Prichard tract of land, near the Junction, for the
recent purchasers, the Olive Hill Firebrick Co.

	E. S. Hitchens, of the Olive Hill Firebrick Co., was in town Saturday.  While
here he purchased the "town" mare of J. B. Prichard.

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