Stovall Hospital Founded 15 Years Ago Is Valuable Asset To County
Sandy Valley Enquirer
Thursday, December 10, 1942

	This is one of the most important and helpful institutions in Carter County.
It was established in May, 1927, and has grown for a small 5-room cottage
to its present proportions of 20 beds and every modern method and
convenience found in hospitals many times its size. It is equipped with
X-ray, oxygen tent, direct and indirect transfusion apparatus, Violet
ray, infrared and sun lams, nursery and maternity rooms, laundry
department, diet kitchen and nurses home.  There are men's, women's and
children's wards.  The operating room is fully equipped with every
modern instrument for operative surgery.  It is staffed by skilled
doctors and surgeons.  Doctor J. Watts Stovall, in charge, is a graduate
of the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and a post-graduate
of medicine at Chicago, and a post-graduate of surgery at New Orleans,
and recognized by the profession as one of the outstanding surgeons of
the tri-state region.  Doctor Stovall is also a member of the Kentucky
State Board of health, which office he has held for more than 18 years.
Some of the doctors who contributed much to the early success of this
institution were J. W. Strother, W. A. Horton, T. T. Bays, L. G. Nickell,
T. T. Sparks and G. B. O'Roark, all deceased.
	The present staff is composed of Doctor J. Watts Stovall, chief surgeon;
Doctor W. B. Bishop, assistant and hospital resident physician; Miss Recie
Botts, secretary and X-ray technician, and a full complement of graduate
	Doctor J. Q. Stovall, in whose honor the hospital was named, was a native
Virginia, and the father of Doctor J. Watts Stovall, the hospital's founder.
On September 2, 1872, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Sims Watts
of Charlottsville, a member of one of Virginia's old and highly cultured
families.  He came to Grayson in May, 1891, and reared a family of six
children, and practiced his profession in Carter and adjoining counties
for more than a quarter of a century, passing to his reward on February
8, 1917.  Mrs. Stovall preceded him in death several years.  There are
many in Carter County who will rise up to call him "blessed."  The night
was never too dark, the sun never too hot, the winter never too cold,
for Doctor J. Q. Stovall to fail to respond to the call of suffering and
distressed humanity. He never asked whether they could pay; all he wanted
to know was if he was needed.  "Greater love hath no man than this."
	During its 15 years' existence, this hospital has contributed more than
fifty thousand dollars in medical treatment and surgery, to the indigent
of this community.  Truly, it has been a great blessing to mankind.

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