Steadily For Eighty-Five Years An Old Fashioned Clock Runs
Sandy Valley Enquirer
Thursday, December 10, 1942

	A prominent Carter county family have in their possession an old weight-winding
clock which will in a few years equal the service of the old-grandfather clock
of song and story---"ninety years without slumbering, tick-tock, tick-tock---as
it stood ninety years on the floor."  However, the famed old Carter County clock,
which Fred Malone, now of the United States Navy, reported to us about a year ago,
which was shown to him while attending the funeral of Lee Floyd of Hopewell, has
stood on the mantle of the Floyd home for eighty-four years and throughout all
those years has never been moved or has never been known to fail to record one
precious moment of time.

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