Rush Was Settled By The Geigers
Sandy Valley Enquirer
Thursday, December 10, 1942

	Rush was earlier known as Geigerville as it was first settled by the 
Geiger family.  The Geigers built several houses here and established a 
general store business.  Soon after, the A. C. & I. Railway Company opened 
and worked a seam of coal here and built a railroad from Ashland to Denton.  
They began to haul coal by rail from here in 1872.
	The first school was built at Norton Branch on the Norton property 
during the Civil War.  The Geigers, in 1865, built a church for the Southern 
Methodists of this community.  In 1872, the Ashland Coal Company built a 
M. E. Church.  At the present time there are three active churches here: 
Missionary Baptist, Methodist and Pilgrim Holiness.  The A. C. & I. 
continued the operation of their mines until 1922, when they sold this 
property to the American Rolling Mill Co.  They sold the Railway Company 
to the C & O.  In 1939, they sold the remainder of the property to Eastern 
Kentucky Land and Developing Co., who are now cutting the available timber.  
There are three truck coal mines operating now.  R. C. Jordan, Ashland 
Firebrick Company, operates clay mines.

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