Horton Bros. & Brown Is Oldest Pharmacy In County
Sandy Valley Enquirer
Thursday, December 10, 1942

	Fifty-five years ago, in 1887, in the time of Grover Cleveland, Dr. W. A. 
Horton purchased from Dr. A. F. Hill a drug store in Grayson.  Dr. Horton, an 
industrious young man, had read medicine under Dr. Lewis Prichard, a prominent 
physician here at that time.  Late, in 1801, Dr. Horton was graduated from the 
Ohio Medical College (now the University of Cincinnati.)
	Dr. Horton, in his busy practice of medicine, saw the need of an able and 
trustworthy assistant to manage the growing business in the drug store and so 
he sold a half-interest to his brother, J. E. Horton, who took over the 
	In 1923 A. R. Huff, son-in-law of Dr. Horton, bought a third interest and 
was made manager until after the death of Dr. Horton, at which time Mr. Huff 
sold his interest to W. Frank Horton, in 1932, a nephew of the Horton brothers.
	The firm then included the heirs of Dr. W. A. Horton, J. E. Horton, and 
W. Frank Brown, all of Grayson.  On Jan. 1, 1941, Frank Brown purchased the 
interest of Mr. J. E. Horton, so that now the firm includes the Horton heirs and 
W. Frank Brown.  Mr. Brown is a graduate of Prichard High School and the 
University of Louisville College of Pharmacy and is a member of the Grayson 
School Board, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown of near Grayson.
	Horton Brothers and Brown is the oldest mercantile firm in Carter County 
and has the unusual record of never having sued or been sued, or having 
garnisheed or attached a customer's wages during its 55 year of active business.

{Transcribers note:  We have now advanced into the year 2000, and after 113 
years of service to the community, Horton Bros. & Brown is still going strong.  
Located on Main Street in the very heart of Grayson, it is a favored gift shop 
and pharmacy for everyone in Carter Co.}

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