George Richard Applegate passed away in June 1956.

"I need help finding more information about a woman named "Lee" Wallace born about 1882 in Olive Hill 
and died in or near Portsmouth, OH or Olive Hill abt 1913.

This is my husband's 2x great grandmother. It is the only line I cannot get beyond the 
2nd great grandparent. I will tell you what I know. Lee Wallace married George R Applegate 19 Sep 1906. 
From this we glean that her father's name was "Ade Wallace" I have found an Odom Wallace that went by 
Ode in the census in Olive Hill, Carter, Kentucky but I cannot find a Lee. I found he had a daughter 
named Amalie, but she married a different person. It was a dead end for me. 

George Applegate had been married before and had children with a woman named Cornelia James 
who died in 1905. George married Lee after Cornelia died. They cannot be the same person because there 
are two separate marriage records for these women. 

After "Lee" Applegate died, George married a widow, Livinia Robinson Porter. Her obituary states 
they were married in 1914 which gives me a hint that Lee Applegate died before that time. 

George married a 4th wife, Anna Piatt, after Livinia died in 1940.

Lee and George had 3 children born in 1907, 1910 and 1912. The death record of my husband's 
great grandmother, Madeline Applegate Russell, stated that her mother's maiden name was Lee Wallace. 
The Ohio death record of her sister, Oma Applegate Church in 2001 stated her mother's maiden name was 
Wallace. The marriage record of her brother, James Applegate (Married Evelyn Wallenbach) born in 1912 
stated his mother's name was Leah Neal. This gives me a hint that maybe her name was Leah and not Lee. 
That or the brother had no idea of his mother's name since she died when he was an infant."

George Richard Applegate married Cornelia James 13 Aug 1898 and had the following children:

Bertha Lillian 1899

Lena C 1901

Laura Jane 1902

Edna Irene 1904

Stella O 1906

George married Lee Wallace 19 Sep 1906 and had the following children:

Madeline 1907

Oma 1910

James 1912

George married Livinia Jane Robinson in 1914 and had the following child:

Myrtle 1916

George married Anna L. Piatt (nee Thompson) 23 Jun 1941 and had no children with her.