One of the best citizens Carter County has ever known, Mr. J. W. Barnhill passed to his eternal reward, Monday. For many years he had been a citizen of this county, loved and respected by all who knew him. His life was and had been such that any man or woman could afford to emulate. He was a real Christian. His language, habits, and the writer is sure that his thoughts were at all time pure. He was a consistent and active member of the Church of Christ and had been for years. It was his pleasure to attend regularly to his church duties, and his family was reared to have the same faith in the Master as he. Too much can not be said in praise of his life, of the example he set for both the young and the old as well.

Mr. Barnhill was born in Pendleton County, Kentucky, September 25, 1848 and was married to Mariah Gray, August 4, 1874. After moving to Carter County, He and his good wife, who preceded him to the grave by a few months, lived near Pactolus for a number of years. They moved to Grayson and lived on Thrid Street until the physical condition of both became such that they were compelled to break up house-keeping and live with their children. Mr. Barnhill was engaged for a time in the mercantile business here with J. W. Lusby and later for himself. He was palsied and received a paralytic stroke that brought suddenly to an end his work in the store.

Of the eight children, seven are living: Mrs. E. L. Smith, Mrs. J. B. Prichard, in Grayson; Mrs. I. L. Young, Mrs. Willard Williamson in Tiffin, Ohio; Mrs. D. K. Huffman of Curve, Ky.; Elmer Barnhill and Jessie Barnhill of Pactolus, Ky. Charles Barnhill died several years ago.

The East Kentucky Journal February 2, 1928

Submitted by: Sherry Lowe

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