Child Is Burned To Death - 

The community just a few miles from the quiet little city of Grahn was brought to deep and sincere sadness on last Friday 
morning when the news rang the round of the most horrible tragedy that had 
ever happened in that quiet little community since the inhabitation of some by 
the present populace.     

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carroll was burned to the ground, but the sadest of it was the dear little one that was burned to 
death with it. Little Roy Kenneth, their four year old son, had been left in 
the house when the good mother went to the barn to do the milking, was playing 
with some books when one of them become ignited and set fire to the paper 
which surrounded the mantel over the good old fire place, and it was about 
this time that his little sister, who had been left with him, happened to 
notice it, and in the rush, excited almost to death, she made for the barn to 
notify mother, but it was so far that when mother returned the flames had 
become so great that she could not enter the home.     

The first to reach this home was that brave and gallant man, Jess Nolen, who was standing ready to run 
any risk for the life of this poor little child. When he reached the scene 
both he and the mother could clearly hear the kicks and mourns of the child as 
he lay dying in the flames as they closed in on him. He immediatly tore the 
frame from around the well, grabbed buckets, and with other help which soon 
arrived he poured a continual stream of water as near the spot where he 
thought the child lay until he opened an entrance into the burning building 
which at this time was falling in, and with a rush, which might have caused 
his death, he made a grab for the form of the child and rescued it before it 
was burned up.     

The parents were almost frantic over the tragedy, and the 
entire community seemed as though it had been wrapped in mourning from the 
affair. Dr. H. T. Saprks Coroner of Carter County, of this place was called 
and went to the scene of action and held the inquest. The verdict of the jury 
was that the child had met death by being burned to death. This should prompt 
parents much to look closer after their children and be more careful about 
leaving them alone  without protection. 

Carter County Herald, Feb 1, 1923)

Submitted by: Linda Crose

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