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No individual element is of greater value to a community than is a substantial, conservatively managed bank, and of such an institution 
Emory Alley Evans is an executive officer.  He has long been an influential factor in financial circles of Olive Hill and is of Colonial stock.  
He was born April 14, 1869,  in Upper Tygart, Carter County, Kentucky, and his parents were Edward Houston and Sarah Frances (Gray) Evans.  
His great-great grandfather, John Evans, was a native of Wales, and in 1750 came to America settling on the banks of the Monongahela River in Pennsylvania.  
His descendents migrated to Kentucky in 1800 and were pioneers in the development of Montgomery County.

Emory A. Evans was a pupil in the country schools of Carter County and completed his studies int he Morehead State Normal School and Teachers College.  
He proved an able educator and engaged in teaching in Carter County for nine years.  
In 1902 he came to Olive Hill and opened a livery stable, of which he was the proprietor for two years.  
In 1906 he entered the Olive Hill National Bank in the capacity of bookkeeper and remained with the institution for three years.  
In May, 1909, he aided in establishing the Carter County Commercial Bank, which was merged with the National Bank, and Mr. Evans was made ist cashier.  
He filled the office until 1913 and has since been cashier of the Peoples Bank of Olive Hill.  
With keen insight into the intricate details of modern finance, he has labored earnestly and effectively to promote the prestige of the 
institution and carefully safeguard its interests.

Mr. Evans was married October 5, 1893, to Miss Annie Easton, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Blair) Easton, of Rowan County.  
Mr. and Mrs. Evans have three sons and Frederick Easton, the eldest, was born July 24, 1894.  
He married Miss Mable Fultz, of Carter County, and is head bookkeeper for the General Refactories Company, of Olive Hill.  
Clyde Milford, born March 14, 1896, is a civil engineer and resides in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, being connected in a professional 
capacity with the Harbision-Walker Refactories Company.  He married Miss Carrie Williams, of Berea, Kentucky, and they have two children:  
Ruskin Gray, who was born March 8, 1920, and Myra Lou, born September 1, 1921.  Valentine Gray, the youngest son, was born March 2, 1898.  
He is a mechanical engineer and lives in Olive Hill.

Mr. Evans is an adherent of the Democratic party and along fraternal lines is connected with the Masons, the Modern Woodmen of America 
and the Junior Order of United American Mechanics.  He owes his advancement to hard work, devotion to duty and proven ability and has a 
wide circle of sincere friends in Carter County, in which is life has been spent.

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