Haskell "Hack" Jarvis.

This is the notice of my grandfather's death. He was born 12/12/12 died 7/17/48, age 35. His kidney's shut down. 

He  was County Court Clerk from 1941 and reelected in 1945. He had his own  grocery 
store and also ran one at the corner of Tick Ridge as you start up the hill. 

He died while serving his 2nd term and his wife Evelyn Burchett 
Jarvis finished out his term. He left behind 6 children ages 12 {1 month 
shy of 13th birthday} to 2 months old. He is buried on Tick Ridge in the family plot. 

He was known for being crippled as a child from scrofula and 
used crutches as a child. However as an adult his outgoing attitude and 
never turning down a bet is what made him the popular man he was. 

He was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Grayson and 2 years following his death his 
children went to the Masonic home in Louisville. His children never would 
get over his passing and visit his grave every summer.

Submitted by: Lynn Marie Fleming Tucker

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