The Carter County Herald
W. M. Patton
November 14, 1935


"W. M. (Uncle Billie) Patton of Soldier, died at the home of his nieces, Miss Ethel Patton and Mrs. Mayme Marshall, 
where he had been for several years. In fact almost since his wife died in Green Forest, Arkansas. 
Uncle Billie came to make his home with his brother J. D. Patton of Soldier, before his brother died 
and after his death he stayed right on, having a lot of nephews and nieces, but he sought to make his 
home with these fine girls who have been so nice to him that he felt at home with them.

He was 86 years of age and had made his home in Arkansas for years, where his wife was laid to rest. 
He left a request that his body be taken back there and laid by her side, which was did. 
The girls intended to accompany the body, but they both teach school and it was impossible for them to get away at this time, 
so their brother Everett Patton accompanied the body. 

The end came Sunday afternoon at 3:30 and the body was taken in charge by local undertaker Clarence W. Henderson, 
brought to his morgue here, prepared for shipment and place aboard train No. 23, Monday noon and arrived in Green Forest Wednesday morning."

Submitted by Sherry Lowe

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