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The death of Paris Underwood

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The way I understand the story, Paris Underwood and Paris Bowen were hanging around on Porter Creek (near Jacobs) at the Pie supper 
and kind of after some of the Porter girls.  Even though Paris Underwood was married in 1919 to Mary Erwin (dau. of Steve Erwin and Arminta Oney Erwin). 
They disturbed the peace in one way or another.  Some people who were there filed charges against them, and they came back for revenge.  
I think Paris Bowen also died that day (but I am not positive).
The newspaper account says Paris Underwood shot himself, but I have talked with some cousins within the last year from the Porter Creek area 
who say they always heard that someone shot Paris Underwood in the face.  I believe that version of the story.  Paris Underwood's sister, 
Carrie Underwood Erwin told me she always thought the Porter's killed him.
The family in Globe should know.  They examined the body when he was brought back home.
I kind of got in on both sides of the story.  Paris Underwood's wife mary Erwin was a sister to my grandma Grace Erwin Porter.  
and my grandpa saw what was going on with Paris Underwood just before he went over to Porter Creek for the shootout.

Submitted by: JC Porter

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