Cora Mae (Knipp) Bailey's Photo Albums

In May of 2008 I visited Cora Mae (Knipp) Bailey in her home at Clifty Creek.
Cora Mae generously shared her photo treasures with me for use on the Carter County site.

Note that some of the photos came out very well, others were scanned too dark (my mistake) and will need to be re-scanned.

Cora Mae does not have a PC, so if you would like to contact her, please send me an email and I will give you her telephone number. John Grace

Click here to view Cora Mae's photos.

On October 8, 2008 I visited Cora Mae again and made copies of over fifty more pages of photos from her albums.

These are wonderful photos that touch on many, many different Carter County families.

Click here to see more of Cora Mae's photos.

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