I purchased these at an estate sale in the Rush/Kilgore area of Carter County.

Link to Felty Estate Photos

Link to Felty Estate Postcards

Submitted by John W. Grace

"These look to be the photos of Henry & Jessie Patrick Felty. Henry was a cousin to my Mamaw and
Jessie was a cousin to my Granny. Did these come from Henry & Jessie’s house? I didn’t even know
that there was a sale, of course it must have been a while back, I probably wouldn’t have been interested
even if I knew that there was a sale. There is a school photo (the light colored one) of Cane Creek School.
My dad and his siblings are in this photo. I have the picture and everyone identified. I will locate it
and share. Most of the people in these photo’s I’m pretty sure are Cane Creek/Hunnewell area but they
all lived “on the line” as we say. Family in Carter and Greenup County. I will give you what info on
the photos that I can, and ask my Mom to share any knowledge that she has."

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