General Refractories Work Group

Back row from the left: Jonah Wilburn (1888-1971), Allen Collins, Raymond Jaynes (1915-2001), Clay Griffey (1919-?), John Case,
Claude Jaynes (1905-1968), Rufus Stegall, Garvin Adkins (1904-1981), Charles Richards (1888-1956), Fred Bocook, Earl Hall, and Tommy Hulett (ca1906-?).

Front row from left: Russell Mays, Charles Dailey, Charles Swinford (1892-1952), Frank Jaynes, Henry Cline,
Lee Mays (1883-1970), and Ernest Erwin (1904-1950).

Submitted by: Mike Barker


All dates are best guesses, based on available genealogical information.

The dates for Lee Mays don't seem to fit the photo, so that particular ID is questionable.

There is a record of a Frank, Claude and Raymond Jaynes who were brothers.
If these are the correct brothers, then the actual date of the photo is much later than previously suggested.

The birth dates and the "newsboy" caps several men are wearing date the photo to the late 1930's.

Dates and comments provided by John W. Grace


"Raymond Jaynes was working there when the plant closed in 1971 or 72 at Christmas time.
If his dob is 1915 I would assume the picture was taken in the 1935 to 1940 area as he appears
to be in his early 20ís. I remember him and Rufus Stegall."

"The second man from the left is my great grandpa, Alan Collins, who lived in Frogtown."

Comments by Andy D. Rogers
Retired United Brick and Clay Workers International Representative

"This photo was taken at the brickyard in 1910". (?)

Submitted by: Debra Debeers