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Garvin Ridge Pilgrim Holiness Church, Young Adult Sunday School class

Earcel Porter, kneeling on the left.

The church was founded in 1932.

"The house in the background is the present day Joe Miller house."

Back Row left to right: Mrs. Goldie(Jim's wife) Bond and baby, Grandma Wells, Nannie Dehart, Mrs. Weedman (pastor's wife), Irene Hall (Tom Hall's daughter),
Mary Underwood, Aunt Senia Porter, Dinah Jordan, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Clayton Hensley.

Middle row: Jim Bond, Robert Biggs, Morton Parsons, Jasper Porter(?),Russell Patton, Clayton Hensley, Everett Porter, Waldo Stamper.

Front row: Pastor Rev. Weedman, Milton Griffey, Jr.

Identifications done by Elza Bond, contrubuted by Diana Constance

Diana is the daughter of Elza and Louise Bond, Louise is dau of Tom Hall, son of Alfred Hall, son of riley & Hannah Hall

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Left to right: Unknown Evangelist, Delpha Green (Roy Green's wife), Aunt Dinah Jordan,
Mary Erwin Underwood, Jack Tackett (Pastor at Garvin Ridge), Thelma Erwin (wife of Delbert), Delbert Erwin (son of Willis)

"Porter baptism"

Submitted by: JC Porter

"My Dad Arney Porter (son of Everett, son of Jasper) was just a boy, but remembered this incident. Apparently, Doc Fortune told Rev. Patton 
not to preach anymore as it was too dangerous. If he were to get excited while preaching, the artery that had been severed by the bullet 
could burst again and kill him. Rev. Patton got discouraged because he had to give up his call to preach and he made a 180 and turned 
totally away from God. He died two years later. He was a drunk and stumbled onto a train track and was killed by a train.

Uncle Ed Porter added to the story that when Rev. Patton was shot, his wife and some of his friends prayed that God would heal him "whatever the cost". 
Later, his wife said that the cost had been too great and she wished God would have taken him when he was shot instead of his life ending the way it did. 
She encouraged others to pray for God's Will instead of praying "Whatever the Cost". He had cussed her out that morning as he left the house to go 
buy his whiskey. Those were the last words he ever said to her. Very sad story!"

Vicki Porter Pasterik:

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