Frank and Anna Stewart Adkins, circa 1902
Frank Newberry and Anna "Annie" Mary Stewart Adkins. Frank born April 15, 1884, Shanty Branch, Grant, Carter Co., Ky. Married Dec 24, 1902, Carter Co., KY. to Anna Stewart. Died Jan 22, 1948, Home, Shanty Branch, Grant, Carter Co., Ky. Son of Wiser Carnilues and Margaret Jane Williams.

Anna Stewart was born Feb 22, 1882, at BoltsFork, Lawrence Co., Ky. Died Jan 5, 1909, at Shanty Branch, Grant Carter Co., Ky. Daughter of William Riley and Mary Ellen Lambert Stewart.

They had three children:
1. Margaret Ellen born Nov 2, 1904 and died Nov 29, 1904.
2. Hermia born Nov 1, 1905, Carter Co., Ky. Married Henry Davis on Dec 21, 1921. Died June 14, 1974, at Point Pleasant, W.Va.
3. Belva "Bell", born Dec 5, 1907, at Shanty Br. Grant, Carter Co., Ky. married Rev. Meredith "Merdia" Franklin Leadingham on April 29, 1925, Carter Co., Ky. still living in 2000.

Submitted by Paul Leadingham

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