Wiser Carnilues Adkins ,

Wiser Adkins born March 10, 1840, Carter CO., Ky. married Margaret Jane Williams March 17, 1859, Randolph CO., AR. And died Oct 22, 1915 at Grand, Carter CO., KY. he is the son of Isaac and Polly Lusk Adkins. Margaret Jane Williams Adkins, born DEC 16, 1842 in GA. Died May 1, 1925, at Grant, Carter CO., KY. daughter of Thomas J. and Martha Williams. Wiser and Margaret Jane Williams Adkins had the following Children: 1. Henry born June 22, 1861, Randolph CO., AR. Married Mallie Coffee on Aug 22.1890 in Carter Co., KY and Henry died Aug 8, 1922 in AR. 2. Andrew Arnold born Oct 22, 1864 in Indiana married pearl Denton and died Oct 22, 1914 in Carter CO., Ky. 3. Margaret Marineth born mar 13 1866 in Carter CO., KY, married to times first to Jesse Jones and second to Charlie Hullett and died April 23, 1937, in Carter CO., KY. 4. Lou Armis born Jan 2 1868 in Carter CO., KY married two times. First to Charlie Keiber, second to Robert Delaney and died Jan 13, 1956 in Charlton Township, Cook CO., Chicago, IL. 5. James B. born April 30, 1970, in Carter CO., KY. And died March 3, 1875, in Carter CO., Ky. 6. Ella born Nov 4 1874 in Carter CO., Ky. married Charlie Wilson Brainard on Feb 12, 1890 at Grant, Carter CO., Ky. and died on Nov 12 1960 at Grant, Carter Co., Ky. 7. Maude born Aug 26, 1876 at Grant, Carter Co., Ky. married Joseph L. Simpson on Jan 28, 1893 at Rush, Carter CO., Ky. and died Oct 16, 1949 at Grant, Carter CO., KY. 8. Lethia, born mar 4, 1878 at Grant, Carter CO., KY and died May 31, 1895, at Grand, Carter CO., KY. 9. Anna born Aug 18, 1880 at Grant, Carter Co., Ky. married Robert L. Kelly about 1900 and died April 15, 1963, at Van Lear, Ky. 10. Frank Newberry Adkins born April 15, 1884, at Grant, Carter Co., Ky. married first to Anna 'Annie" Mary Stewart on DEC 24, 1902, and she died of diphtheria in 1909 and married second to Ada Davis, and Frank died on Jan 22, 1948 at Grant, Carter Co., Ky. Wiser Adkins 1840-1915 built the Adkins home place at Grant, Carter Co., Ky., in 1897 out of one giant popular tree that was over two hundred feet tall, and over 7 feet in diameter at the base.

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