Oval Armstrong

Oval is second from the left in the front row.

Oval was the son of Frank Armstrong and Coy Mayble (Moore) Armstrong

Oval was born on Nov. 8, 1909

Oval Armstrong, Irick Armstrong and Bill Tolliver

Lillian, Oval Armstrong and LeeAnn

Oval Armstrong

Oval Armstrong

Linda Moore, Thelma (Armstrong) Hilliman, Lillian (?), John (?), Arnold (?)
Oval Armstrong, Bill Tolliver

Oval Armstrong on the right

Standing: Oval Armstrong, Willard Boggs, Berns Fouch, Homer Hanlin, unknown, Haskel Wilburn, Young Conard
Sitting in the middle with ribbon around her neck: Nellie Gee
Sitting on the left: Louise Fultz
Sitting, 2nd from the right in the middle row: unknown Thompson
Sitting sideways, in front: Lee Ann Hammons

Submitted by: Thelma (Armstrong) Hillman

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