Gordon Arnett and Gladys Miller

Gladys Miller is the daughter of Ladora Belle Bond and Owen Winfield Scott Miller.
Gordon Arnett is the son of Francis Marion Arnett and Eliza Jane Oney.

Not sure of exact date, but I believe this photo was taken sometime circa 1934, in Carter County, Ky. Gladys and Gordon were married in 1935.

Gordon Arnett is the young boy on the left at age 9. His mother, Eliza Jane Oney Arnett is seated to his right. Gordon is the youngest son of Francis Marion Arnett and Eliza Jane. Eliza is the daughter of John C. Oney and Reny Conley.

This photo would date to about 1924. Photo was taken in Carter Co., Ky..

Submitted by: Sheree McGraw Wolfe, daughter of Rosemary Arnett, granddaughter of Gordon and Gladys Arnett.

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