Nancy Jane Kinnamon

Nancy Jane Kinnamon was born on October 10 or 17, 1819 in Tennessee. She died February 28, 1895 and is buried at Ross Chapel Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky.

Nancy had a brother, John Kinnamon who was born June 25, 1825 in Louisville, Ky. and died March 8, 1918. I believe Nancy's father's name was George W. Kinnamon. George is living with John on the 1860 Platte Co., Missouri census. Decendents of Nancy and John Kinnamon independently claim that John and Nancy were part Native American, possibly Cherokee.

On August 7, 1839, Nancy married John Nelson Ross in Bath Co., Ky. John was born Decemeber 13, 1818 in Bath Co., Ky. and died March 5, 1890 in Carter Co., Ky. John is buried at Ross Chapel Cemetery.

In 1845, John and Nancy moved from Bath County to Carter County, Ky.

John and Nancy Ross had the followingt children:

Austin Frances "Bouge" Ross, born May 17, 1848 in Ky, died June 11, 1914, buried at Ross Chapel Cem., Carter Co., Ky. Austin helped establish the Masons in Carter Co. and was a Junior Warden.
Austin married Lucinda Francis Armstrong on Feb. 17, 1873. Lucy was born Oct. 4, 1853 in Carter Co. Ky. and died May 28, 1934.

Jeremiah Jacob Hunt Ross, born Oct. 22, 1856, died Jun. 2, 1949, buried in Fairmount Cem, Jackson Co, Oh. Jerry married Sarah Alice Campbell on Aug. 26, 1875. Sarah was born Mar. 26, 1860 and died May 12, 1936. Sarah was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Campbell.

Rachel Ellen Ross was born Sept. 17, 1852 near Tygerts Creek, Carter Co., Ky.. Rachel died Sept. 25,1885. Rachel married John Sanders Jarvis in 1873. Sanders was born Oct. 24,1849, and died Jan. 29, 1935. He is buried at Jarvis Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky.

David Johnson Ross was born Nov. 6, 1854 at Upper Flat Woods Ky.. He died April 15, 1917 in Carter Co., Ky.. David married Sarah H. Jane Jarvis circa 1878/1879. Sarah was born Dec. 3, 1858 in Carter Co.,Ky. and died in 1947.

Nancy Alice Ross (aka Alice Wild Ross) was born Nov. 17, 1859 in Olive Hill, Carter, KY (tombstone says b.1860). Alice died Aug 6, 1938 in DesMoines, Iowa. Alice married Elzaphen Cline. Elza was born April 17,1852 in Olive Hill (Sinking Creek), Carter Co. KY. Elza dies Sep 29, 1939 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Katherine Amanda Ross was born March 26, 1863 in Ky and died in 1952 in Ky. Kate is buried at the Moore Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky. Kate married Ira H. "Hop" Moore. “Hop ” was born April 9, 1858 in Va. and died March 4, 1921. He is buried at the Moore Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky.

Mary Elizabeth Ross was born April 30, 1846. She is buried at Ross Chapel Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky. Mary married Stephen J. Tabor on January 5, 1871 at home of John Nelson Ross.

John Piatt Ross (aka “John P. A. Ross” on 1860 census) was born June 9, 1840 at Lawton, Carter Co., Ky. (note: obit says John N. Ross did not move to Carter Co. until 1845). John died Nov. 2/9, 1893 or Feb. 11, 1893 and was buried at Ross Chapel Cem., Carter Co., Ky.. John married (1) Louisa Fitzallen Offill. "Susie ” was born June 10, 1843 in Lawton, Carter Co.,Ky and died Jan. 9 /29 , 1913. She is buried in Llewlyn Cem., Kirkville, Mo. John married (2) Lavenia Whitt on 15 MAR 1883 in Carter, KY. Lavenia was born July 31, 1849/1851 in Carter Co., KY, and died Jan. 26, 1915. Lavenia is buried at Ross Chapel Cem., Carter Co. Ky..

Reuben Fletcher Ross was born March 1, 1843 in Carter Co., Ky. (may have been born in Bath Co., Ky). Reuben died Dec. 30, 1935 in Olive Hill, Ky. and is buried in Ross Chapel Cemetery.
Reuben married Theresa Ellen Offill ca1869. "Tirese" was born Nov. 25. 1845 In Lawton, Ky and died April 13, 1886. She was buried at Tabor Cem., Carter Co. Ky.

Martha Jane Ross was born in 1851 in Ky.. Martha married William M. Applegate.

George Randolph Ross was born Nov. 6, 1841 and died Apr. 13, 1905. He was buried at Ross Cem., Carter Co., Ky. George married Mary Elizebeth Rice. Mary was born in April 1846 in Ky. and died in 1914.

Submitted by Thelma Hillman and John W. Grace.

Both Nancy and her brother John independently told their children that they were Native Americans. No official verification of their claims has ever been found.
Kinnamon is a relatively rare name, and any appearance of it in regards to Native American history may be significant.

Kinnamons on a list of Native Americans

A rejected application by Jennie C. Kinnamon seeking Cherokee tribal enrollment

George Kinnamon (Nancy's father) on the 1830 Madison County, Ky. census