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Dee Oakley Herman L. Oakley Jimmy Oakley Madge Oakley
Recie Oakley Ruphford Oakley Simpson Oakley Weldon Oakley
Wilford Oakley William H. Oakley William M. Oakley Charles William Offill
(3 photos)
George Russell Offill and Ollie (Walker) Offill. James A. Offill and Mary Ann (Walters) Offill Joan Ellen Offill John Harvey A. Offill "Harve"
Preston Offill Theresa Ellen Offill, wife of Reuben Fletcher Ross (2 photos) Edna and Grace O'Neal Grace (O'Neal) LeMaster
Arminta (Oney) Erwin John C. Oney and Arrenna (Conley) Oney Karl Oppenheimer family Hiram Osborne
William Finley Osborne and Golda (Whitt) Osborne. William Theopolis Osborne and William Finley Osborne Vernal Osenton Devel Owens
Gilbert Owens John Owens, Willis Kiser and other Owens individuals Lawrence Ivan Owens and Mary Belle (Reynolds) Owens Fultz Vess Owens