"I am sending a picture of Frank and Julia Powers, a prominent leader in early Grayson, KY, Carter County
history. The picture (taken in 1936) has their names on the back. I came to have the picture through my uncle who
purchased a trunk for $.25 at an auction and the picture was found in the trunk."

After further review of the back of the photo, we have concluded that there is a possibilty that the date
of the photo may be 1932. If so, that would strongly suggest that this is a photo of Frank and Juliet (Lansdown) Powers.

The candidate Frank Powers was born in Wheelersburg, Ohio on Sept. 17, 1852. That would make him about 79 in 1932.
Frank was the son of E. Powers and Sarah Dean.

The date on the back of the photo should not be given unquestioned veracity. The notations on
reverse side of the photo seem to have been written on at least two separate occassions. Scotch tape was nvented in 1930, so that's no help ;)
And, as we all know, it is not uncommon to put captions on photos years after the fact. Frank died on April 3, 1924 in Carter Co., Ky.

Juliet was born Jan. 20, 1852 in Carter Co. and died on April 6, 1947 in Carter Co.

The names of any children they might have had is unknown.

Submitted by R. L. Post