Ethel Tabor Messer

This photo was taken approximately 1930. Lavern Messer is sitting on Ethel's lap, with Wayne “Cotton” Messer sitting in the background.

Ethel was the wife of John Edward Messer, and daughter of Jasper Fielding Tabor and Martha Henderson Tabor.

This is a photo of Ethel Tabor Messer shortly before her death in 1942. She had 10 children, and was 42 years of age when she died.

Per Renee McLaury, on the back of this photo was written Virgie’s kids – Ethel & Theodore. However, I wonder..... My Grandmother Ethel had a brother named Theodore and a sister named Virgie. I still wonder if this really isn’t my Grandmother Ethel and her brother. Jasper & Martha had 15 kids, 8 survived. I would say this picture was taken late 1800’s or early 1900’s. I need to research further to see if Virgie indeed survived to adulthood.

This photo is in the possession of Renee McLaury. Renee is the great granddaughter of Delane Tabor and Martha Henderson Tabor.

"Ethel Tabor Messer, when she was about 11 or 12 years old (circa 1908-1909) according to my cousin, Sherry Messer Sammataro, as told to her by my Uncle Gene."

Submitted by: Sue Messer Bryant

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