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Tabor boys. I think Stephen L. Tabor is top left (not sure).

Carl says "I have one of Frank when he was older. In this photo, the one on the bottom right looks like it might be Frank."

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"Here's a photo from Tabor Cemetery in Elliott Co.,
not very far from where my grandfather Jake Conn and grandmother Mary Tabor Conn are buried."

Submitted by Janice Whitt

Editorial note by John W. Grace:

My great aunt, Mary Elizabeth Ross, was Stephen L. Tabor's first wife.

Per this photo:

On my Tabor chart, Stephen had three brothers who were were older than him, and one who was younger (but only by one year).
So, I don't believe this is Stephen and his brothers.

If Stephen is in the upper left of the photo, he looks to be about 50 years old. That would date the photo to around 1902. 
To my eye, the clothing styles make the photo seem later than that, but the background fits that era or even earlier. 

If it is 1902, Stephen's oldest sons would have been: Charles 30; David 26; Franklin 23; George 20 (plus a couple others I don't have dates for).
Charlotte's oldest child, Harvey, was born in 1887, so he would only have been 15 in 1902. Harvey could be the young man in the center back if the 
photo were dated closer to 1907 (making Stephen 55 years of age in this photo).

If we consider that the oldest man in the photo is not Stephen, but one of his sons, that would date the photo to about 1922 
(Stephen's oldest son, Charles, was born in 1872).  I'd say the 1922 date better fits the clothing style. In 1922, Stephen's youngest son, 
John Cottle Tabor, was 29. That seems a little old for the youngest male in the photo, but it's possible. But then, the youngest man in
the photo could also be a son of one of the brothers.

If we could definitely identify one person in the photo, that would give us a better idea of who the other people are.

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