Ishmael Tackett

Taken at Uncle Ish and Pauline's home. Ish and Herb Tackett comparing legs...What do you think?

Photo taken in October 2000 in MT. Vernon, KY..

Three Tackett brothers, Ish, Bud & Herb. They were sons of Thomas and Rena Tackett.

Photo taken in the late 1980's or early 1990's.

Ishmael Tackett

Submitted by: Susan Wells Copple

Grandma Tackett with all but one of her children.
Back row: Uncle Bud, Uncle Ish, Herb, and Uncle George.
Front row: Aunt Polly, Aunt Thelma, Grandma, Aunt Kate and Aunt Zi.

Place Taken: Loveland, Ohio

Back row left to right: Glenn and Ruth, Aunt Polly and Uncle Joe, Ruth and Uncle George, Ann and Herb, Bud.
Center row:Rena and one of her children, Aunt Thelma, Grandma, and I want to say Donna Tackett,(not sure) and don't know the little girl she is with.
Ruth and I see 8 children, probably Ruth and Glenns and Rena's, Aunt Kate, Aunt Alice and Joan.

"This is a photo of my Dad Herb Tackett, Granddad, Thomas Henry and then Uncle Ish Tackett."

Taken in East Liverpool, Ohio in the mid 1930's.

Submitted by: Janet Barras and Peg Daly

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