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Dry Branch  Carter County, KY  1910
Old Fort Underwood

Left-Right  Joseph Nesbitt (son of Roe Nesbitt) holding Ada Mae Thompson born 5 July, 1909 (dau. Of Arthur Thompson), 
Arthur Thompson, (son of John L. Thompson & Hannah Hall) (holding son Hermas), Martha Dickison Thompson (wife of Arthur), 
John Archie Thompson (son of Arthur), Roe Nesbitt (2nd husband of Hannah), Hannah Hall Thompson Nesbitt, Doni Thompson, 
Frank Thompson, Alverda Thompson Underwood (daughter of John L. Thompson & Hannah Hall).  

Two girls in front might be Carrie & Tressie Underwood (daughter of Alverda Thompson & Coy Underwood)

Click here for an unretouched image of this photo. This photo is in the possession of Norma Thompson Bradford of Marion, IN. She is the youngest child of Arthur Thompson and Martha Dickison Thompson. Norma just turned 85. John L. Thompson (8 Jan,1822 -20 June, 1896) & wife Hannah M. Hall (25, Dec. 1861-25, Mar.1926) purchased this house. He put clapboard siding on it. Norma Bradford thinks that her dad Arthur Watkins Thompson was born in this house March 14, 1884. Other children to this union were Oscar Thompson who died at 11 months and Alverda Thompson Underwood Nesbitt. John L. Thompson had a son James Thompson by his previous marriage. Hannah Hall Thompson married 2nd Roe Nesbitt. Norma says that John L. Thompson and Hannah are buried on a hill just across the road from this house. Norma talked about when you go in the door, there is a closet door with a stairway. As you go up the stairway, there were port holes apparently used during the Underwood feud.

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Submitted by: JC Porter

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