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Aaron Qualls Gas Station Aerial View Carter Caves Old Soldiers Monument Saltpeter Cave
Tygart Creek - Carter Caves State Park (post card) "Fort Underwood" at Dry Branch, Carter Co., KY Carter Elementary School, circa 1960
Sanders Crawford's family home, circa 1900

Stephen Nethercutt home, built 1878
William Jason Fields plaque, erected 1953 Stephens Theatre, Hitchens, Ky Mt. Savage Furnace

The Stamper and Cooper General Store/Eby Post Office,

William Grayson Carter, historical marker

Memorial Stones
James Chapel School House, built 1890

The "Dough Boy" Memorial,
Kentucky Historical Marker No.211 Beckham County Historical Marker
Kentucky Historical Marker No. 640
Kentucky Historical Marker No. 1222 Blakemore (Home of Matthew Sellers) Blakemore Workshop (Workshop of Matthew Sellers) Richard and June Ross house

Matthew Bacon Sellers' Airplane (and Angelina Leathers Lewis)

Hitchins General Refractories Firebrick Plant, circa 1919
John's Run Coal Mine, circa 1922 Unnamed Country Store

Sawmill located on Hylton Branch, circa 1900

Cory School, date unknown
1934 flood The Carter Caves Resort Lake ca1950's.
The Adkins Family Home, The Grahn Depot,
The Kitchen-Horton House,

The Masonic Lodge and Clifty Church,
The G. M. McDavid General Merchandise Store,
Pactolus Bridge, 1899
Limestone Cemetery David Johnson Ross home
Home of Reuben F. Ross & John Nelson Ross Lighthouse Restaurant, Carter Co., Ky. The Lodge at Carter Caves, Carter Co., Ky. Antigo, Wisconsin lumber mill
The Old Lodge at Carter Caves, Carter Co., Ky. Rural Carter County scene. Old Ross Farm. Denton Mercantile Company.
The Maggard Grist Mill, Carter Co., Ky., circa 1915 Carter Cave Resort Park, Lodge and Pool. Carter Cave Resort Park, Bath House and Swimming Area. Camp Mammoth Cave Barracks.
The Lodge at Carter Caves ca1969. Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky.
Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky.
Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky.
Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky. Grayson, Ky. The Carter Caves ca1950's.
The Carter Caves 1950's - 1960's. Olive Hill Brick Works. Kentucky Christian College. The Carter Caves Resort Lake ca1950's.
Unidentified House in Olive Hill,Ky 1906. Tackett homestead, Carter Co., Ky. The Carter Caves Caveland Lodge. Cascade Cave Hotel.
Steam train engine. Cave Land Lodge. Carter Cave Lake Resort. Carter Cave Lake Resort.
Hudgins Store, Leon, Ky.. Prichard High School CCC Camp photos Henderson Branch church, 2009 and 1953.
Olive Hill fire, 1917. Olive Hill fire, 1976. Olive Hill flood, 1950. Olive Hill flood, 1939.
Cascade Caverns "Cardross Castle" C & O trains (7 photos) Bayless Memorial Methodist Church window Hitchins High School
Delbert Burchett home Grayson, Ky., 1951 Iron bridge at Pactolus Entrance to the Grahn fireclay mine, 1922
Willard Christian Church Mt. Savage Furnace Denton, west of railway station The Smokey Valley Truckstop
Grayson, 1952 Grayson, 2004 Malone Sweet Shop, 1952 Grayson, 1908
Grayson, 1942 Grayson Motor Inn, ca1940 Grayson, 1948 Olive Hill, 1908
Olive Hill, 1900 Olive Hill Courthouse, 1900 Front Street, 1900 Olive Hill, 1909
Olive Hill, ca1900 West Main Street, 1900 Grayson Banks, ca1920 Home of Alfred and Orba (Bays) Rice
Ben's Run School, 1917 Building Route US60 Sights along the old C & O Railroad (11 photos) Sights in the Carter Caves area (48 photos)
Doctor Fultz's house at Carter City Christian Normal Institute Charley Davis' house
Denton area (18 photos) Oliver Stewart's store in Denton Sights around Everman Creek Grayson Daughters of the Confederacy
Leon, Ky., ca1910 East Ky. Southern RR. "The Blue Goose", 1933. Fultz, Ky. area scenes (8 photos) Gas drilling, 1918.
Grayson Lake (14 photos). Grayson Lake (5 photos). Grayson Lake Golf Course (5 photos). Grayson bank corner fire, 1915.
Grayson Commercial Bank (3 photos). Cooke's Florist. Grahn School. First Church of Christ Christian.
Railroad Street, Grayson Grayson Mill Malone Funeral Home Main Street, Grayson
Letha's Restaurant, Grayson Grizzell's Little Giant Market, Grayson Grayson Rural Elect. Coop. Grayson's first church
Grayson's crosses Church at 2nd and Hord, Grayson, Ky. Carter County Supply Co, 1909 Botts Drug Store
A building in downtown Grayson The Charles N. Lewis house Carter High School, 1941
Lena Browning Memorial Baptist Church Raybourn's General Store, Lawton, Ky. Joyce Coal Co., tipple House of Thomas S. Yates
Horton Bottoms house House on old Route 60. Carter Elementary School Willard, Ky., mid 1880's
Willard School, 1936 Vincent's Mill Upper Tygart School "Stump Town Baptizing"
Shell Rock School, 1929 Rosedale Bridge Prichard High School Acme Stone Works
Set gang, 1918 Hon. Thomas S. Yates house Shake Shop Restaurant Floyd Wilson General Store
Smith's Creek Post Office Portsmouth and Tygart Valley Railroad An old house at Pactolus Ferguson homeplace
Pactolus School Cascade Cavers postcard Carter Caves, circa 1950's Anglin Pond
The Cartee Hotel and the Oligonunk Pavilion Kinniconnick and Freestone Railroad Prichard Elementary School, 1979 Grayson aerial views
Grayson log house Saltpeter Cave The Samuel Wilcox cabin, 1862 The Steven L. Porter home
Carter Caves scene Old store at the corner of Robert and Mary Av., Grayson Home of Alexander Porter Grayson Shangri-La Motel
Brinegar Church of God Mt. Savage and Boone Furnaces Providence School Watt Hillman's house
Tygart Limestone Company The Old Ellwood Place Henderson Branch Church Griffey Branch ca1960's
Roberts Model Grocery. Postman delivery, 1920's Denton, Kentucky The Wayside Restaurant
Daniel Carroll's cabin Old Building over-looking Pactolus Bridge Damron Motors building, Grayson, Ky. Grahn Company Store
Nellie Burnett post card, 1909 Pleasant Valley School Burnett General Store, 1954 Henderson Branch in the 1940's
Henderson Branch Pentecostal Church Souvenir of Carter Caves KSP Grayson Christian Church post card Cascade Caves Lake Room
Poster: "Everybody's Getting It In Grayson", ca1917 The Milton E. Griffey Sr. homeplace Camp Glass, 1920 Denton Sawmill, 1940
Louisville Fire Brick plant Grayson Health Dept., 1940's Hitchins Fire Brick Plant, 1920 Hylton Branch, Sawmill ca1900
Willard Post Office Cooper home at Kehoe Tea Room at Gregoryville Train stopping at the Cartee General Store
Old farm house on Route 182 Bagby-Shival Warehouse in Grayson, ca1910 Aden depot Aden railroad workers
Aden Springs hotel Brooks house and drawings by Sara Parker Carter County 4-H Camp, 1932 Old barn (now gone) at Ross Chapel
Scenes from old time Hitchins Old Pleasant Valley Drive-In Grahn Post Office Unidentified old house near Pleasant Valley
Maddix homeplace Grahn scenes Cartee General Store, Carter, Ky. Carter Flour Mill, Carter, Ky.
An old Country general store Rush, Ky. circa 1880 Hitchins Railway Station, 1955. Swendell Cave
Pactolus Marker Lousiville Firebrick Plant, Grahn, Ky, 1950 "Clift Rock Cut", Grahn, Ky, 1950 Bessie Burchett Cobblestone House
Clay mine tunnel near the Smokey Valley Truck Stop Robert Knipp farmhouse Pine Springs United Baptist Church Straight Creek School
Original Carter Elementary School Carter County's "lost" natural bridge The Willard McGinnis home in Carter Rush, Ky. ca1951
Main St., Grayson, Ky., 1977 Mrs. Chandler's boarding house (?) Fultz, Ky. 1977
Smith Branch Schoolhouse Life Magazine images of Grayson, Ky., July 1948 Pactolus Post Office
Cascade Caves scene John Frankyn and Mary Ellen Haney's log cabin James Chapel School Oligo-nunk train stop in Carter City, 1899
EK Railroad construction near Willard, Ky. Driscoll House. Grayson Park Log Cabin. Gregoryville Christian Church
Gregoryville Post Office/Restaurant, ca1920's Carter County jail General Refractories Brickyard Brickyard, 1920's.
Clyffeside Laundry, 1936 Harbison-Walker Brickyard "Your Drive In", ca1950 Richard Anderson "RA" Carpenter home in Limestone
Horton-Kitchen house County Fair Aeroplane Flights Old Midland Trail, east of Grayson Historic Hannah house near Pactolus
Carter County coal tipple operation Carter City rock quarry Unloading poles at Hitchens, KY East Kentucky Railroad boxcar
Oligonunk Cave, 1900 Olive Hill, 1904

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