Here is the picture of the Gee Tea Room at Gregoryville. At this location was a store and slaughter house owned and operated by 
Mollie Gee Stamper and Jesse Gee Littleton’s father, Rev. Robert Gee. When the restaurant was operating, they had their own chicken houses 
on the hillside west of the church to supply the chickens and eggs. This picture was made probably in the late 30’s because US 60 Midland Trail 
is the road in the picture. This location was the Fontana Post Office and later changed by Harriet Gregory Barney to Gregoryville Post Office 
in honor of her mother.

The building was covered in thin wood shingles that were painted a green and trimmed in white boards. Same for the dormers. 
The roof was light brown or tan shingles. The large windows had about 20 window panes in each section, probably five down and four across, 
but they must have been something in that day in this area when the windows were standard house type. The awnings were green, orange, and 
white striped material. If a house or place had those, you had “arrived.” The sign hanging on the corner probably says Coco-Cola. 
There is one on the other end too. The sign on the ground says “NO Drinking.” The bushes are most likely rose bushes. The gas pumps are the hand pump 
type that had the gas pumped up in the cylinder with a gauge numbered 1 to 10 for gallons and then pumped in the vehicle by gravity. 
There are two, regular and ethyl, pumps on each side of the large sign with the star. The ethyl pump was painted red and the regular was either 
white or yellow. Around the top of the star was the word gasoline and around the bottom was motor oil. The brand most likely was Texaco. 
The coal and outhouses were just out of the picture at the left. Two white buildings. The outhouse was one building with two doors for each gender. 
The parking lot was gravel, most likely creek gravel.  It was the perfect place to come for a luncheon or have a special party. 
It was 5 miles west of Grayson and on a new highway that led them to Gregoryville.

Submitted by: Mary Littleton

"At the time it was the nicest facility in the area. A few times KCC would hold banquets there
as it was apparently a larger facility than any place in Grayson."

Submitted by Glen Haney