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"The Honorable Governor Lawrence Wetherby at the dedication ceremony of Bagby Mansion
to be used for Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation headquarters."

From the 2016 GRECC calendar.

Submitted by: Julie Rhea Lewis

An old house on Main St. is lost to the wrecker

Submitted by: Glen Haney

Grayson Normal School

Main St., Grayson, Ky.

From an Aug. 14, 1969 newspaper

From the Boyd County Library, Ashland, Ky.

The Dixie Park Liquor Store in Grayson, Ky.

Submitted by: Emily Newman

Grayson Milling Company

On a bench in front of the Commercial Bank a musical entertainer attracts a crowd - but probably not much silver in his cup.

On a bench in front of the Commercial Bank a musical entertainer attracts a crowd - but probably not much silver in his cup.
Across the street can be seen Malone's Sweet Shoppe. The next building houses the Post Office and then a restaurant.

My mother worked at that restaurant around 1948 and may have been working there at the time this picture was taken 60 years ago.
Likely, there was not much silver in her cup at the end of the day either.

The guitar player in this photo was known as "Blind Jim" Wilson who traveled by bus from Mt. Sterling to work his trade in Grayson.

George Wolfford describes him as follows:

"Not fully blind, and cantankerous, Jim drew as much disrespect as he did support.
But there were times when he brought tears to the eyes and dimes to the cup."

Many thanks to cousin Hayden Haney for help in identification of "Blind Jim".

This is the Corner Market aka Sam Porter's Market. It sat on the Northwest corner of Pomeroy and Main St.
It is now the site of Brown's Mobile Home Parts.The brick building to the left still stands and is the home of Global Tanning.

Across Pomeroy can be seen the old Levisay Ford Motor Sales. That building was formerly a Livery stable,
so it seems fitting to turn it into a car dealership.

Reminiscences of Saturdays at the Clark Theatre

Submitted by Glen Haney

Sam Porter's City Grocery, July 1, 1948

Submitted by Paul Queen - pauldqueen at

Second Street Grayson 1909. This photo was originally submitted by Christine McGlone for publication in the Grayson Journal-Times, January 3, 1990.
It is interesting to note what appear to be concrete sidewalks

At one time this was the Stovall Hospital building. Submitted by John Grace

Grayson, Main and Hord buildings, 1910.

Grayson, Main Street, 1913.

Grayson, Methodist Church.

Grayson, service station.

Old Grayson City Jail and Fire Department building.

This building was identified by Haden Haney

Grayson, WGHO Radio.

Submitted by: Joel Carter

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