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Home of Watt Hillman. His house is upper left in this photo.

This is a Sears Roebuck manufactured house which was pre-cut and shipped to Carter County for Mr. Hillman.

The building on the right at the top of the Hillman driveway is a garage. Just above it is the spring water pumphouse.
The building to the left of the pumphouse was a henhouse, and the small building at the top center housed
two water cisterns.

The Paul Perkins family lived in the house with the truck in the driveway.
Paul was the brother of Lucille Hillman. Lucille was married to Watt Hillman's son, John Hillman.

The roof in the lower left corner was the roof of "the lumber building" (owned by the Rayburn's who owned the store)

This is an earlier photo of the Watt Hillman home. There is a small porch at the rear of the house that was
later replaced by an extension to the house containing a kitchen and laudry area.

The identities of the people in the photo are unknown, but probably include some of Watt's children.

These are photos of the kitchen added to the rear of the Watt Hillman home.
The top photo is several years older than the lower photo, before the cabinets had been re-painted.

Photos owned by James and Roberta Hillman.