The caption mentions John Williams, Fred Thompson, Perry Branch and the brick plant.


This photo is at the foot of Clark Hill, what we call Frogtown. There are two roads that go up on Clark Hill, 
the photo shows the road that is on the back side of Clark Hill.  The building to the left of the photo is 
the back of the "tunnel Kiln" at General Refractories.  This flood, I have been told, was the main reason 
that General Refractories went up Perry's Branch and built the city lake.  Originally that property belonged 
to General, it was a clay mining area.  General had their engineers build the lake, before this time the 
city got their water supply from Tygart Creek.  There use to be a couple businesses in 
Frogtown (this was before they re-routed U.S. 60) a restaurant and a general merchandise store.  
Many of those who worked at the brickyard lived on Clark Hill, and that made for a good customer base, 
so the reason for the gen store.  Clark Hill has run down over the years, but at one time in Olive Hill's 
past, it was our closest suburb.  It never did become part of the city, I think that is one reason it 
never did build up like other areas in the city.

Mike Barker