White Owl Diner, Olive Hill.

From "Carter County History 1838-1976".

This White Owl diner was in Frog Town.

"I visited with Rosella Harlan today (daughter of Tom Hall, s/o Alfred)

She seemed pretty confident about the location of Francis Perry Hall and Stewart Hall's houses,
so I labeled them in this picture."

Three ladies in front of the White Owl Diner.

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"Tiny and Jewell with Ruby Steele standing in the background.
"Taken in front of the White Owl Diner October 18, 1942."

"Ruby Steele" may be Ruby Elizabeth (Mauk) Steele (1917-1982)

Submitted by: JC Porter

The White Owl Diner was originally located in the lot where Sally's Flowers is today.
It was moved to "Frog Town" in the early 1930's, alongside old U.S.60, to the north of General Refactories.
That is the location in this picture.

The restaurant was torn down in 1949, when the tunnel kiln was built by General Refactories.

The restaurant had several owners over the years. Some were: George Bear, Charles Crane, Noah Barker, Millard Barker, Harry Dixon and Ed Shumate.

The houses in the background are on Clark Hill.

Submitted by: Mike Barker

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