Guidelines for submitting photos for Your Carter County Photo Album.

Photo Format:
JPG, BMP (bitmap) or any common digital photo file format is acceptable.  The JPG format is usually the best quality for the smallest file size.  It's best try try to scan at a resolution that outputs an image about the same size (or a little larger) as the original. I can convert between these formats, but your help in providing JPG would be appreciated.

Photo Era:
Currently, we are only accepting photos of people taken before 1980, or of people over the age of 70; or of people who are no longer living .
Current or more recent photos of landmarks, old buildings, etc. are fine as well.

Unidentified Persons:
We do accept photos of unidentified persons.  Please include as many clues as possible along with the photo.  Things likes where or when the photo may have been taken, how you came to possess the photo, who owned the photo before you, where the photo(s) were found, and so on.  Every clue you provide improves the chance of someone else being able to help or identify who is pictured.

Descriptive Text and Information:
Please include names, dates, places, stories and anything else that might bring the photo to life for other people.  Please include whatever description you can of where the photo was taken.

Reply-To Links:
By default, I will use the email address that the person submits the photos to me with as the Reply-To link below the photo.  In other words, people viewing your photo will be able to send you an email by clicking on a link below the photo.  If you want me to NOT include a Reply-To link or if you want me to use a different email address, please ask me explicitly in your email message that you submit your photo in every time that you submit a photo.

If you have any questions not addressed here, feel free to email me, John Grace

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